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4 tips that makes a landing page effective

The key last step to your advertising campaigns and the crucial first step for your visitor’s experience when they arrive at your site is your landing page.
A landing page is a single web page created specifically for providing information or marketing of any online services/products purpose. It considers as a first web page where the user lands from search engines or social media or emails or any other similar online sources. The landing page is also used for the introduction of services or products with the focus of generating leads or sales.
Landing pages also contain multiple CTA (call to action) and contact form as well, which helps to increase the conversion rate.
A high-quality landing page will have a higher quality score and hence improve your Return on Investment (ROI) because your conversation rate will be better. Conversely, if you have a low-quality landing page, you’ll spend more money per click and suffer lower conversions.
The factors below will go a long way in helping improve your site and Quality Score with Google.

1) Relevance
A landing page has to be explicitly relevant to the keywords you use in your particular ad or link.

2) Originality
It’s always a good idea to provide original content on your landing pages. Offering something relevantly unique to your site’s visitors can greatly sway the conversion rate in your favor.

3) Transparency
An important factor for any web-based business is to build trust with your visitors.
To create a site conducive to feelings of safety, security, and trust, you need to make sure that you provide information about data security, privacy policies, and clear terms and conditions.

4) Navigability
When a visitor arrives on your site’s landing page, apart from being presented with the content they were promised when they clicked the ad or link, they should also be able to easily navigate their way around the page and even your whole site if they so desire. Your visitors should not be expected to work too hard at performing the call-to-action which you asked them to do.


So next time you are creating a landing page or revisiting your current landing pages, see if you can add the above qualities as part of your page’s construction

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